Tsufit Rosen, Floral designer, NDSF

Director of Flower and Light, School of Floral Design and Arranging and Center for Personal-Awareness through Flowers and Colors.

Former Chairperson of the Floral Arranging Society and Professional Director of

zer4u Floral Design School.

Therapist and diagnostician through flowers and colors, conducts workshops in multi-media art.

“During my years of work with people and flowers I’ve seen the strong impact flowers have upon people – in creating calmness and serenity, and helping toward

a greater connection with oneself, and with one’s deepest wishes.”

Diagnosis through flowers or flower cards helps find solutions for conflicts, raises our level of self awareness, so we can see what is hindering and blocking us in order to move on, to fulfill ourselves, and find a way that will lead us to achieve our aims, to create change, balance, and harmony.

The knowledge of the power of flowers can help us – for ourselves, the people around us, so that we can choose which flower will benefit us, which energy and atmosphere we wish to bring into our home, or to create in an event.

How to work with the cards

The cards are a connection – bridge, metaphoric stimuli for the world of inner

content, a sign-post for the soul.

When you need clarification, ask the cards for a message.

Shuffle the cards, draw one, look at it and see what message you’ve drawn, what

the flower is giving you.

When you wish to bless someone, think about that person and choose a card that

will convey the blessing.

When I want to find out what it is I need, I’ll ask it and choose a card.

One can find various creative ways to use the cards.

We wish you enjoyment, creation, learning, success, light and love!

What it gives

How it helps

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Tsufit Rosen

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