My name is Tsufit Rosen

I grew up in a household where my father raised medicinal herbs, blending herbs

together for the healing of various ailments, and my mother tended to the garden

and her beloved flower pots.

At the age of 15 I began working at a flower shop, drawn to the beauty, magic and

abundance of creativity that can be expressed through the flowers.

In high school I majored in biology, later going on to study and expand my

knowledge of botany, and the field of floral design. I received the NDSF, the British

National Diploma of the Society of Floristry.

I taught courses of flower design and arrangement for 10 years.

I’m currently running “Light and Flower” – a school for floral design and

arrangement, with beginner and advanced courses in this field; bridal bouquet

design; event arrangements; courses for awareness through floral arrangement;

and a course in floristry

The power and the Emotions of the flower

Suggestions how to work with the cards